The market in which Protein Biotech will operate is divided in 4 market areas. The company has planned to develop 4 specific divisions to operate each market area:

  1. Protein Biotech Food In the food market the potential customers belong to different sectors:
    • Ready-to-eat dishes industry: Here are included as potential customers the companies that produce precooked dishes (conserves and/or refrigerated)
    • Companies developing additives for the food industry
    • Meat Industry. They use the proteins as ingredients in many products (for example in sausages)
  2. Protein Biotech Feed In the sector of animal feed there are three groups of potential customers:
    • Feed for animals for slaughter
    • Pet food
    • Feed for fish farms
  3. Protein Biotech Pharma In the pharmaceutical sector the potential customers are the pharma companies specialized in animal serums, vaccine producers and the companies from ISIA (International Serum Industry Association)
  4. Protein Biotech Agro In the sector of soluble biostimulants we have two groups of customers:
    • Fertilizer manufacturers that include the active ingredient produced by Protein Biotech
    • Cooperatives and agricultural companies’ consumers of biostimulants